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2013 Silver Aspid Award for the ground-breaking DENTAID nanorepair® technology

The revolutionary DENTAID nanorepair® technology has been honoured yet again.

This time, DENTAID’s 3D Nanotechnology audiovisual landed a Silver Aspid award.

This audiovisual project was a joint effort created by HCBCN and DENTAID, to show how DENTAID nanorepair® technology, an innovative hydroxyapatite nanoparticle-based technology, can actually repair sensitive teeth and restore the natural whiteness of teeth, by integrating with tooth enamel.

This visual work, characterised by its high quality definition and real 3D effect, shows how hydroxyapatite nanoparticles interact during sensitive tooth repair, as well as during the tooth whitening process.

The all new DENTAID nanorepair® technology has been incorporated into the company’s most recent product launches: VITIS® whitening and Desensin® repair, two very successful toothpastes both among dental offices and pharmacies.

Once again, the XVII edition of the Iberoamerican Health and Pharmaceuticals Advertising Aspid Awards boasted being the meeting point for the latest trends in communications and innovations in advertising.


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