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DENTAID participates in the European Oral Microbiology Workshop in Aarhus

At the recent European Oral Microbiology Workshop (EOMW), DENTAID’s research team had the opportunity to disclose the latest progress in relation to some lines of research that are currently being conducted at the DENTAID Research Center. Researchers specialised in Oral Microbiology from over the globe gathered in the city of Aarhus (Denmark) to discuss advances and conclusions from ongoing Oral Microbiology research.

Oral microbial ecology, new concepts regarding the aetiology of caries, the pathogenesis of periodontitis and future prospects for controlling oral disease were the main topics of discussion at this scientific event.

Within this scientific framework, a total of 37 studies focusing exclusively on oral microbiology were presented in poster format, of which two were defended by professionals from the DENTAID Research Center.

The DENTAID Research Center revealed some of the latest advances in two lines of research that are currently being conducted at its oral microbiology laboratory, one of the most advanced oral health research centres in Europe.

Live-bacterial Quantification Using Propidium Monoazide-Real Time PCR on Subgingival Samples from Chronic Periodontitis Patients, presented by Dr. Gerard Àlvarez researcher at the DENTAID Research Center.

Detection of fourteen antibiotic resistance genes in subgingival bacteria isolated from healthy patients, presented by Alex Arredondo, researcher at the DENTAID Research Center.

This scientific workshop is held every three years, with the aim of directly and dynamically sharing ideas and new daily research practice techniques among its participants.

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