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DENTAID Participates in the XXV National HIDES Congress

DENTAID trade booth during the HIDES National Congress,  Aranjuez (Madrid)

This congress, organised by the Spanish Association for Dental Hygienists, is considered to be a major annual meeting for dental hygienists in Spain. More than a hundred hygienists participated in the 25th edition of the National HIDES Congress, held in Aranjuez this past 18-20 October.

DENTAID took the opportunity to disclose the latest company innovations to the dental hygienists attending the congress. The revolutionary DENTAID nanorepair® technology was in the spotlight with the presentation of Desensin repair®, the formula that repairs sensitive teeth from the first application.

VITIS® implant was also displayed at the trade booth, a state-of-the-art toothbrush line specially designed to access the gum line and to protect dental implants during cleaning.

The main focus of this event was to learn about the latest Oral Health-related developments, including the role of calcium and vitamin D in dental health, oral antibacterial agents in peri-implant care, the causes, research and treatment of halitosis and long-term maintenance of advanced periodontitis patients, among others.

DENTAID Works daily with dentists, hygienists and pharmacists to offer Oral Health throughout society. The leading Oral Health company in pharmacies considers practitioners to be the key for knowing patient’s true needs in order to continue offering the most innovative and specific solutions.

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