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DENTAID Research and Innovation Reach the SEPA Meeting


The great effort and the results obtained by the R&D&I Department at DENTAID were revealed at the Spanish Society for Periodontology and Osseointegration’s Annual Meeting, held this past May 23-25 in Granada.

During the most important event in Spain on Periodontology, the preliminary results of a project aimed at Detecting periodontal pathogens in placentas from early term and full term pregnancies using Nested-PCR were disclosed. These results are the fruit of a joint collaboration conducted by DENTAID’s R&D&I Department and the University of Granada’s School of Dentistry.

Dr. Vanessa Blanc and Dr. Rubén León during the scientific poster presentation. SEPA Granada.

The company also presented a scientific lecture reviewing the main antiseptic and antibiotic molecules used in dentistry, delivered by the R&D&I Department Heads, Dr. Vanessa Blanc and Dr. Rubén León.

Dr. Rubén León presenting the main research results. SEPA Granada.

Dr. Vanessa Blanc during her conference about antiseptic and antibiotic molecules used in dentistry. SEPA Granada.

DENTAID has the leading Oral Microbiology laboratory in Spain, where commitment to quality R&D&I is the fundamental pillar facilitating the development of solutions to all oral needs of society today.

The all new and innovative DENTAID nanorepair® technology also made its presence at the SEPA meeting in Granada in the form of two new toothpaste products, that received all of the attention from the participants: VITIS® whitening and Desensin® repair. 

DENTAID booth at the SEPA Meeting in Granada.


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