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DENTAID reveals its latest research studies at Europerio 8

Europerio8DENTAID recently disclosed the latest scientific advances conducted in its very own DENTAID Research Center at the eighth Europerio meeting. According to its organisers, the Europerio, the world’s leading event in the fields of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, gathered over 10,000 participants.

A team of experts from different areas of the company presented 7 research studies to the scientific community who visited London to attend the most important international event in the sector, organised by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP). As partner of the EFP and Gold Sponsor of the Europerio, DENTAID participated in this event with a trade booth exhibiting its latest innovations for daily oral care.


Halitosis, periodontitis, peri-implantitis and oral microbiota

The studies presented at the EuroPerio8 have helped to expand existing knowledge relating to diseases including periodontitis and halitosis, while they have also disclosed the application of innovative molecular techniques developed by DENTAID Research Center, which allow for the quantification of oral bacteria.

Periodontitis is a very prevalent disease throughout society. The research conducted using the artificial mouth has allowed us to discover how some periodontitis-causing pathogenic oral bacteria grow and how they die after the application of antiseptic treatments.

We showed an interesting study on halitosis conducted recently using oral microbiota associated with this disease as well as an analysis of different anti-halitosis formulas developed by the DENTAID Research Center.

Among other exhibits and scientific posters, the team also presented an evaluation of the antimicrobial effectiveness of their mouthrinses.

Research studies like these, presented at the world’s top meetings, have given DENTAID significant international recognition by the scientific community on research-related matters. These major scientific breakthroughs are due to the company’s innovative spirit and close collaboration with top professionals and universities, establishing DENTAID as global leader of research in the dental industry.

Major international launch


DENTAID chose this extraordinary event to reveal one of its most recently developed and innovative products that is prepared to revolutionise the interproximal cleaning market. Interprox, a next generation interproximal brush line, the fruit of years of research, development and innovation by DENTAID Research Center, whose team of people, their know-how and collaboration with dental specialists, make such innovative and revolutionary launches like this possible.

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