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DESENSIN revamps its web site

With the objective of providing Oral Health-related support to professionals and people in general, Desensin®, the brand that is specifically indicated for the treatment of tooth sensitivity, has renewed its platform. This is a web site specialised in tooth sensitivity whose aim is to serve patients who suffer from this condition.

The new format has positioned the web site as a network benchmark, with diverse sections aimed at solving issues related to tooth sensitivity, including its origin and its cause, advice for its prevention, recommendations and individualised solutions.

It also offers a more interactive space taking on a weblog format where news, curiosities and interesting articles are posted for people with sensitive teeth.

Tooth sensitivity is a very common condition throughout society, although it is not one of the main reasons for consultation in the dental office. Its prevention and treatment are essential in order for patients to restore their quality of life and not give up their daily oral hygiene habits, which sometimes occurs due to pain that brushing can cause in these cases.

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