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Halitosis and nanorepair technology, the focus of the Oral Hygiene Symposium in Portugal

SimposioMore than one hundred dental hygienists participated in the Oral Hygiene Symposium this September in the coastal town of Peniche, Portugal.

The meeting, organised by Laboratorios Vitória, distributor of DENTAID products, boasted the participation of prominent speakers in the field, Prof. Duarte Marqués, from the Implantology Institute and Dr. Xavier Calvo, Periodontist and Medical Advisor at DENTAID.

Xavier CalvoThe scientific programme focused on dealing with halitosis from a treatment and diagnostic standpoint and on the applications of nanoparticle-based technology.

Dr. Luís Proença, Managing Director of Laboratorios Vitória, greatly values this kind of meeting, which actively contributes to the continuing education of oral health professionals.

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