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Innovation in Oral Health, the common denominator

sepes-bilbaoDENTAID has participated in several dental conferences sharing its latest advances in this field. National and international scientific events are always an interesting meeting point with the scientific community and an opportunity to share and discover the latest launches of products aimed at treating different oral conditions.

DENTAID, sponsor of scientific societies including SEPES, SEPA and SECIB has participated in the most recent meetings hosted by each of them. All these meetings have had the same common denominator: to share the latest innovations in Oral Health with the dental community.

At the 46th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Society of Dental Prosthetics & Aesthetic Dentistry (SEPES), Dr. Xavier Calvo of DENTAID offered a lecture entitled Xerostomia, a great unknown. During his speech Dr. Calvo emphasised that roughly 50% of people over the age of 60 may have xerostomia, and this is even more serious if we know that in some cases it may go unnoticed. Innovation, technological advances in dental treatments and teamwork were the main issues addressed at the 46th annual SEPES meeting, held in Bilbao.

The 7th Symposium on Oral Hygiene held in Peniche, Portugal, was the perfect setting to present the new VITIS® anticaries product range. Using the opportunity of this launch, a lecture was given to dental hygienists about dental caries, where the causes of this multifactorial disease, the factors involved and the importance of preventing its occurrence were discussed.

Another event that managed to bring together hygienists was the 28th National HIDES Meeting in Santander. The aim of this meeting was to analyse the latest advances of the 21st century, including the reconstruction of soft tissues around teeth, social media management in the dental clinic, etc.

One of the novelties of the 13th National SECIB Meeting was “Top Communication”, an initiative where professionals and the youngest working groups had the chance to present their oral communications. The 4th SEPA JOVEN was another key encounter for dental students and young practitioners where the progress achieved in Periodontal regeneration, among other topics, was analysed.

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