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Perio·Aid committed to continuing education for dentists

Perio·Aid®, oral antiseptic indicated for the treatment and maintenance of periodontal and peri-implant diseases, continues to promote specialised training for dental professionals.

For the third year in a row, Perio·Aid is supporting the University Diploma in Periodontology, a blended training course offered by the School of Dentistry at the University Complutense Madrid (UCM).

This continuing education programme for dentists and stomatologists is a good opportunity to refresh and expand knowledge on the advances in periodontology. The programme has been designed specifically to review and broaden basic awareness, skills and competencies in Periodontology, such as aetiology, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan and treatment and maintenance techniques; as well as updating theoretical foundations based on new scientific breakthroughs.

A team of prestigious dental professionals will be participating in this course, which will be directed and coordinated by professors Dr Mariano Sanz Alonso and Dr David Herrera.

To view the academic programme for the 3rd University Diploma in Periodontology, click here.

Enrolment prior to June 27 (

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