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¿What are some common misconceptions about halitosis?

Dr. Xavier Calvo, Medical Advisor, during the Oral Health Workshop, Barcelona

The 4 main misconceptions surrounding halitosis, involving its prevalence, its aetiology, whether or not a specific reference specialist exists and the possibility of treatment, were the topics of discussion for the Oral Health Workshop led by DENTAID and carried out with diverse media organizations in Barcelona. [Leer más]

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Did you know that 30% of all adults have halitosis and that 40% have xerostomia, but that most people are unaware they have them?

Most people with bad breath or dry mouth are not aware that their situation can be improved, and what’s more, that their problem actually has a solution.

Halitosis and xerostomia are two very widespread conditions, although most people are unaware that they have them, nor are they aware of the impact these conditions potentially have on their health. For this reason, on World Oral Health Day, DENTAID would like to dispel some misconceptions that surround these two medical conditions. [Leer más]