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Halitosis and nanorepair technology, the focus of the Oral Hygiene Symposium in Portugal

SimposioMore than one hundred dental hygienists participated in the Oral Hygiene Symposium this September in the coastal town of Peniche, Portugal.

The meeting, organised by Laboratorios Vitória, distributor of DENTAID products, boasted the participation of prominent speakers in the field, Prof. Duarte Marqués, from the Implantology Institute and Dr. Xavier Calvo, Periodontist and Medical Advisor at DENTAID. [Leer más]

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9th SEPA Joven: where young dentists and research come together

DENTAID participated in the 9th edition of the SEPA Joven meeting, organised by the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration, gathering over 300 young dentists and students. The theme this year focused on the latest trends in the aesthetic treatment of periodontal patients. This event allowed DENTAID to disclose its most recent innovations to the young participants, by unveiling the new product lines formulated with the all new DENTAID nanorepair® technology as well as the VITIS® implant range, including state-of-the-art toothbrushes designed to easily access the gum line and protect dental implants during cleaning.

“Aesthetics in an interdisciplinary environment: A periodontal, restorative and orthodontic approach”, was one of the key issues addressed during the 2-day event.

Scientific posters presented at the SEPA Joven, Bilbao

Scientific meetings like these, addressed specifically to young students and/or dentists, offer the opportunity to acknowledge the work done by these future dental experts. According to the meeting organisation, SEPA Joven is the perfect setting for discussing controversial issues, in accordance to scientific evidence, but from a fresh and novel standpoint.

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DENTAID Participates in the XXV National HIDES Congress

DENTAID trade booth during the HIDES National Congress,  Aranjuez (Madrid)

This congress, organised by the Spanish Association for Dental Hygienists, is considered to be a major annual meeting for dental hygienists in Spain. More than a hundred hygienists participated in the 25th edition of the National HIDES Congress, held in Aranjuez this past 18-20 October. [Leer más]