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Halitosis and nanorepair technology, the focus of the Oral Hygiene Symposium in Portugal

SimposioMore than one hundred dental hygienists participated in the Oral Hygiene Symposium this September in the coastal town of Peniche, Portugal.

The meeting, organised by Laboratorios Vitória, distributor of DENTAID products, boasted the participation of prominent speakers in the field, Prof. Duarte Marqués, from the Implantology Institute and Dr. Xavier Calvo, Periodontist and Medical Advisor at DENTAID. [Leer más]

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2nd SEPA-DENTAID Symposium: Oral Biofilms and their consequences

The 2nd SEPA-DENTAID Symposium is to take place this coming March 15th, 2014 at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos – Campo de las Naciones in Madrid. This scientific event intended for dental hygienists will offer lectures by prominent speakers from the field of dentistry.

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¿What are some common misconceptions about halitosis?

Dr. Xavier Calvo, Medical Advisor, during the Oral Health Workshop, Barcelona

The 4 main misconceptions surrounding halitosis, involving its prevalence, its aetiology, whether or not a specific reference specialist exists and the possibility of treatment, were the topics of discussion for the Oral Health Workshop led by DENTAID and carried out with diverse media organizations in Barcelona. [Leer más]

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New Aula DENTAID courses for dental hygienists

Aula DENTAID kicks off a new training course addressed to dental hygienists.

Under the title of Medically Compromised Patients. Latest Trends in Dental Treatment”, this course will include over twenty training sessions to be given during the months of October and November throughout several Spanish cities.  [Leer más]