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16th Course on Research Methodology in Periodontics and Osseointegration

IMG_464829 years after the initiation of this Periodontics research training project, the 16th Course on Research Methodology in Periodontics and Osseointegration was held in Oviedo, Spain. This time, the main focus of the encounter was to review the role of bacteria in periodontal disease.

Professors and students from the top dental colleges of Spain met at the University of Oviedo for a brush-up on oral microbiology.

This course is held every two years and has become a leading event in the field of research thanks to the collaboration between the Universidad de Oviedo and SEPA and to DENTAID’s unwavering support right from the start.

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DENTAID research published in the prestigious Clinical Oral Investigations

A study conducted by the investigators at DENTAID Research Center was recently logo-DRCpublished in the renowned Clinical Oral Investigations. The research, entitled, “Periodontal pathogens and tetracycline resistance genes in subgingival biofilm of periodontally healthy and diseased Dominican adults” focuses on studying the prevalence of periodontal pathogens and the presence of tetracycline resistance genes in the oral microbiota of periodontal patients. [Leer más]

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DENTAID Oral Biofilm research is disclosed at the 1st International Stomatology Meeting

Dr. Vanessa Blanc during the International Stomatology Meeting, Lima (Peru)

DENTAID participated in the 1st International Stomatology Meeting, held at the Universidad Científica del Sur in Lima (Peru) this past August 15-16. The IV Scientific Research Meeting and the 1st Scientific Laser Meeting were simultaneously conducted at the same venue. [Leer más]