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16th Course on Research Methodology in Periodontics and Osseointegration

IMG_464829 years after the initiation of this Periodontics research training project, the 16th Course on Research Methodology in Periodontics and Osseointegration was held in Oviedo, Spain. This time, the main focus of the encounter was to review the role of bacteria in periodontal disease.

Professors and students from the top dental colleges of Spain met at the University of Oviedo for a brush-up on oral microbiology.

This course is held every two years and has become a leading event in the field of research thanks to the collaboration between the Universidad de Oviedo and SEPA and to DENTAID’s unwavering support right from the start.

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DENTAID participates in the 37th IDS

DENTAID_IDSAfter five intense days preceded by months of preparation, the 37th International Dental Show (IDS), came to a close with a very positive outcome. According to the organizers, more than 155,000 professional visitors from 157 countries attended the world leading dental industry fair.

DENTAID participated again this year with a trade booth which allowed the company to disclose its latest developments in oral healthcare, with great approval among visitors. The company continues to consolidate its position as oral health experts worldwide.

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Journalists and bloggers discover the new VITIS sonic electric brushes

imgThe sonic technology of the VITIS sonic brushes was the focus at the VITIS presentation to the media of their latest launch. Over 55 journalists and bloggers were able to see the new VITIS sonic first hand during a press conference held in Madrid.

VITIS Product Manager Marta de Múller and DENTAID’s Medical Advisor Xavier Calvo highlighted the main features of the new electric brushes as well as the benefits they contribute to daily oral hygiene.

All about the VITIS sonic

DENTAID presents VITIS sonic S10 and S20, two electric brushes that achieve the maximum effectiveness in the removal of bacterial plaque, thanks to their dual-action sonic technology and to the exclusive design of their heads, which protect teeth and gums. Sonic brushing adds a fluid dynamics action to the conventional mechanical cleaning action, helping to break up bacterial colonies and, in turn, inhibiting their growth and development.

VITIS sonic has a small, diamond-shaped head which allows it to reach areas of difficult access and to avoid injury thanks to its rounded end. Its high-quality Tynex® filaments coupled with the hydrodynamic action of sonic technology manage to reach the most complicated and hidden areas of the mouth, such as the interproximal regions and gingival margin. Likewise, lateral vibration of the filaments is carried out at a speed of between 31,000 and 40,000 movements per minute, which besides its mechanical action, manages to exert a hydrodynamic action which optimizes the removal of biofilm throughout the oral cavity.

  • Mechanical Action: The filaments vibrate at a high frequency (sonic vibration) on the surface of the tooth, thereby achieving effective removal of the oral biofilm, or bacterial plaque.
  • Hydrodynamic action: The high speed at which the filaments vibrate generates acoustic waves that produce tiny air bubbles that propagate through the saliva throughout the oral cavity, obtaining greater disruption of the oral biofilm. These oxygen-rich bubbles reach the subgingival areas and difficult to reach spaces, such as those between the teeth or below the gum line. These subgingival areas are where anaerobic bacteria dwell; their growth is inhibited when they come into contact with the oxygen bubbles formed by the movement of the brush.

The brush’s protective cap protects filaments from external contact while allowing air to flow through its perforations for fast drying.

Plus, thanks to its long-lasting battery (which has a run time of over one month), and to its comfortable grip (with anti-slip grooves), VITIS sonic is a practical and functional brush that covers all oral needs.

Sonic technology and its unique head are the main features that distinguish VITIS sonic from other electric brushes. The majority of electric brushes that are currently on the market base their cleaning mechanism on rotational technology which completes mechanical movements at a speed of 5,600 to 8,800 oscillations per minute, compared to the 40,000 achieved by VITIS sonic.

Perfect brushing with sonic technology.

Oral health can have an impact on overall health, so it is necessary to be aware of just how important daily oral hygiene is. It is essential that the toothbrush used allows us to maintain a correct level of cleaning and facilitate this task.

Thanks to its diamond-shaped head and sonic technology, VITIS sonic helps improve the outcomes of traditional brushing without the need for varying techniques while improving interdental hygiene. In addition, it helps with compliance of recommended brushing time thanks to its quadrant timer. Every 30 seconds the brush signals when it’s time to move on to the next quadrant by pausing briefly, to ensure fulfilment of recommended brushing time.

“Brushing should be performed for a minimum of 2 minutes, although some people need to spend more time, as is the case of periodontal patients. All you have to do is press the power button again and continue cleaning”, says Dr. Xavier Calvo, Periodontist, Dentist and Medical Advisor at DENTAID. “For those with special needs, VITIS sonic offers extra comfort and enhanced brushing effectiveness” the Doctor points out.

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DENTAID Oral Biofilm research is disclosed at the 1st International Stomatology Meeting

Dr. Vanessa Blanc during the International Stomatology Meeting, Lima (Peru)

DENTAID participated in the 1st International Stomatology Meeting, held at the Universidad Científica del Sur in Lima (Peru) this past August 15-16. The IV Scientific Research Meeting and the 1st Scientific Laser Meeting were simultaneously conducted at the same venue. [Leer más]