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VITIS anticaries, one of the major innovations at the Fórum Dental

FDMDENTAID’s trade booth at the Fórum Dental

At the 9th Fórum Dental, DENTAID presented its new VITIS® anticaries product line, the first next generation anticaries product containing the innovative DENTAID nanorepair® technology. This launch is the company’s latest novelty, which captured the interest of those attending the FDM, totalling over 10,000 professionals, according to Fira de Barcelona.

The company’s products were displayed at DENTAID’s trade booth. Also, different actions carried out within the same space enlivened the visit for professionals who were able to learn about the products’ benefits.
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Pioneering technology
VITIS® anticaries toothpaste and mouthwash are formulated with the innovative DENTAID nanorepair® technology, based on nanoparticles of hydroxyapatite, a major component of teeth, which when applied, naturally integrates Xanax Canada into the tooth surface. This is considered the first next generation anticaries product, and it also contains xylitol (which attacks cariogenic bacterial plaque) and fluoride (which stimulates fluorapatite production and remineralises enamel).

VITIS® anticaries comes in a toothpaste and a mouthwash which aid in deep cleaning and caries prevention, as they form a protective layer of enamel to fight acids and repair deep down.

la foto 5DENTAID’s trade booth at the Fórum Dental


The launch of VITIS® anticaries comes after the success of Desensin® repair, a product line specialised in tooth sensitivity treatment and VITIS® blanqueadora, a specific formulation that ensures effective whitening via 5 combined actions. All of these products contain DENTAID nanorepair® technology.

More information about DENTAID nanorepair® technology:

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