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¿What are some common misconceptions about halitosis?

Dr. Xavier Calvo, Medical Advisor, during the Oral Health Workshop, Barcelona

The 4 main misconceptions surrounding halitosis, involving its prevalence, its aetiology, whether or not a specific reference specialist exists and the possibility of treatment, were the topics of discussion for the Oral Health Workshop led by DENTAID and carried out with diverse media organizations in Barcelona.

DENTAID had the opportunity to meet with different media groups in Barcelona to talk about bad breath, a condition that can be difficult to diagnose by the person who is affected.

Dr. Xavier Calvo, Medical Advisor at DENTAID, affirmed that “halitosis can impair anybody’s the quality of life, psychologically, socially and even professionally and, in most cases, is related to other diseases.”

Most people who have halitosis do not believe that their situation has a solution. For the company, it is just as important to continue innovating with new products as it is to inform the general public of the various oral conditions that can occur and the possibility for their treatment. Disseminating this knowledge is the key for all people to be able to enjoy good Oral Health.

Halita® is the first scientific treatment for controlling oral halitosis.

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– Find out 4 misconceptions about halitosis


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